A wrinkle free face and a stress free mind! Welcome to Teja Clinic for an entirely rejuvenating experience and a new look.

Wrinkles usually occur as a result of aging; where due to slow division of skin cells, the inner layer of dermis starts to thin. Repeated contraction of facial muscles causes wrinkles, which may end up causing an unsightly look.

Teja clinic employs a holistic cure for all your problems related to wrinkles. A double chin refers to the layer of fat around the neck which sags down creating a wrinkle and gives an appearance of second chin for a person. A careful analysis is done to find the actual cause of wrinkles and a combination of lotions, medically approved creams, peels and laser skin resurfacing technology is used to address the problem.

Botox, fillers and collagen injections might be recommended too.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person