Skin Lifting

Skin Lifting 

Teja Clinic introduces this welcome alternative for people who are unwilling to opt for surgery to lift their skin. We employ a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for skin lifting through ultrasound and radio frequency technology and this coupled with the body’s natural process of healing might result in noticeable changes.

Teja  employs FDA approved device which is highly safe when compared to surgical lift and addresses the problem without disturbing the skin surface. There are minimal side effects and the number and durations of the sessions differ for each person. The number of sessions is planned by the specialist during one-one consultation.

Double chin

A double chin refers to the layer of fat around the neck which sags down creating a wrinkle and gives an appearance of second chin for a person. It is commonly seen among people suffering from obesity and also seen in others where loose skin and bone structure may result in such an appearance. It can also occur as a result of heredity.

Teja Clinic employs the most advanced radio frequency technology and neuromuscular stimulations for addressing the problem. Our result oriented cure restores the normal appearance of skin reducing the sagging look.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person