Single Sitting Weight Loss

Single Sitting Weight Loss

Time has gone worrying about the jeopardizing “Obesity”, since the most advanced nonsurgical techniques are introduced into the market, now getting an amazing body shape is as simple as we take a breath. “Cool-Sculpting” is one of the best method of weight loss technique that are recently introduced. The beauty that lies in this technique is, you need not to do any heavy workouts and physical activities and the client is not insisted to drop their food habits all of the sudden.

In one word Cool-Sculpting is said to be the most easiest and safest way to Lose your weight in less time.

Since it is a non-surgical procedure, there are no worries of side effects.

This is the most happening technique all over the world and the same time it has been scientifically proven and certified by the FDA.


Before you go for the Weight Loss Treatment these are the tests to be done:

  • Thyroid Test
  • Vitamin-B12
  • Complete Blood profile
  • Liquid profile
  • Vitamin-D
  • B.C.A etc


A proprietary technology called Cryolipolysis the secret behind the success of cool-sculpting. Fat cells could be targeted with extreme cold to induce lipolysis break down of fat cells.
The temperature at which the cooling takes place is key to technology because the fat cells are more sensitive to colder than the surrounding tissue under tightly controlled conditions.
Fat cells can be frozen while other tissue including surface skin is left unharmed the freezes the fat cells die and gradually eliminated by the body’s immune system.


  • No surgery
  • No anaesthesia
  • No needles
  • No invasive techniques
  • No down time
  • Select the area to see the result
  • The cryolipolysis procedure is proved safe and effective gives wow results and love how your clothes fit better feel better.


  • long lasting result
  • boost of confidence

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person