Dermal fillers add volume and minimize wrinkles on the face making it younger and healthier. Fillers are used for reshaping and filling areas on your face. These are made from a gel like substance found in the skin and since they are natural, there are usually no side effects.

Teja Clinic makes use of fillers to tone and smoothening of certain areas of face like upper lip and eyes. For jaw line and cheeks, thick fillers are used.

Filler are used for

  • Reshaping nose
  • Enhancing your lips, cheeks and chin
  • Disguising eye bags and jowls
  • Shaping and lifting of brows

In your one-one consultation, specialists @ Teja decide the best fillers that can be used for you and the quantity of fillers and the post care tips.

The treatment session varies for every individual depending on how much filler is needed. For best results, you may have to come up for some follow up sessions.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person