Body color improvement

It is a process of ex foliating body skin and also moisturizing it, in order to get healthy, glowing skin.

The most commonly used materials for preparing a body color improvement fusion spa blend and RF machine and green apple extracts products.

Body color improvement treatment formula comprising a natural ex foliate such as different products and aromatic essential oils to the guest’s entire body.

The aim of this is to remove dull, dead skin cells while promoting the healthy production of new ones for improved appearance and condition.

While body color improvement can be booked in TEJA they are often recommended before or offered as part of a detoxification body wrap treatment.

Enjoying a tension busting full body massage after invigorating body color improvement is also recommended.


A care free mind lying down on the treatment table and allowing a qualified esthetician to take care of your skin will provide you with some voluble and rare time to reflect or simply unwind and forget all of your troubles.


The therapist moving hands teamed with the gritty texture will aid blood and promote the movement energy around your body
this seen many people feeling physically re energised as well as mentally calm after their body color improvement treatment


In adding to stripping your body of dead skin cells the increased blood flow to your skin throughout the treatment will aid the efficient production of new cells and blemish boosting collagen. A body color improvement programme will also hydrate your skin, providing a top to toe healthy glow and softer more youth full complex
A tan removed the total body
More effective results for vegetable and fruit extracts products.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person