Hair Smoothing therapy at Teja

Are you facing frizz hair problems? Are you spending lot of time in setting your hair? Here is hair smoothing therapy which helps you to get desired smooth and straight hair. Hair smoothing therapy is also called as keratin smoothing or Brazilian treatment. Though both hair smoothing and hair straightening therapy helps to get rid of curly and frizzy hair but most opted therapy among them is hair smoothing therapy. Hair smoothing therapy is different from hair straightening treatment and is also beneficial for hair. In hair straightening treatment, the chemicals used break the hair bonds, then heat is applied and then again chemicals are used to form the new hair bonds. Hair straightening treatment damages your hair, whereas in hair smoothing therapy do not break the hair bonds, instead in this process hair is saturated with formaldehyde solution, after drying the saturated hair flat iron is used to bring your hair into straight position and the hair are locked in straight way. Even though few chemicals are used in hair smoothing therapy, they are not strong and dangerous as the chemicals in hair straightening method. With hair smoothing therapy you can get smoother, healthier, bouncy and wavy looking hair.
This hair smoothing therapy works effectively on different types of hair and this therapy also repairs damage by spreading the keratin throughout your hair structure.

Hair Smoothing therapy at Teja

Hair smoothing therapy undergoes 4 steps to smooth your hair like

  • Step 1- in first stage the surface build up’s are removed and the cuticles are prepared to penetrate the treatment throughout the hair by lifting overlapping layers.
  • Step 2- it is the application process during which the hydrolyzed keratin treatment goes in to the hairs cuticles and strengthens the bonds from inside. This also repairs the damage and makes your hair smooth.
  • Step 3- in this stage the extra conditioning agents and keratin nourish and strengthen the hair by reinstalling shine and smoothness.
  • Step 4- in this last stage shape of your hair is adjusted with the help of blow dryer and flat iron and gives you shiny and resistant finish.

Hair Smoothing therapy Treatment at Teja

Hair smoothing therapy is less damaging when compared to hair straightening treatment. This method uses low intense chemicals when compared to straightening treatment. Hair smoothing therapy is uses keratin which is suitable for all hair types. The affects of hair smoothing therapy lasts for 2 to 5 months and more depending on the type of hair.
Teja slimming and international health care offers hair smoothing therapy in Hyderabad. Hair smoothening treatment at Teja slimming and international health care is offered by experienced professionals at very affordable prices. Keratin hair treatment helps to provide smooth, healthy and straight hair. Along with hair smoothing therapy Teja slimming and international health care offers several other hair care, obesity, figure correction, skin and slimming treatments. Teja uses latest advanced technology developments and offers several treatments and provide long lasting results. Teja elevates your looks and hair health by offering hair smoothing treatment.

Benefits and Effects for Hair Smoothing Therapy by Teja

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