Anti Dandruff


Dandruff is more common problem in male and female

Dandruff two types

1. Oily dandruff
2. Dry dandruff

Overactive of sebaceous glands this increases the oiliness of the scalp they called oily dandruff showing of oily hair invites fungal infections and pollutants. They tend to stick to the scalp because of oil and hence increases dandruff.

Excessive dryness of the scalp can also lead to dandruff they called dry dandruff. It is exemplified in teenagers to having the problem pimple and acne.

TEJA offering anti dandruff treatment. In anti dandruff treatment will balance the sebum glands and get rids of dead cells. Which makes your scalp free from dandruff and keep your scalp fresh and healthy.

  • In this treatment supplies enough oxygen to the skin to remain fresh.
  • Anti dandruff treatment is very safe and effective for exfoliating and clarifying the poor.
  • This treatment suitable for all
  • In this treatment balance the sebum production and gives enough moisturised to maintain the ease.
  • This improved the health of scalp.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person