Acne is a form of skin condition resulting in the formation of pimples and includes blackheads, whiteheads, and inflamed skin patches.

Our skin has small pores (holes) that are connected to oil (sebum) glands under the surface of the skin and the sebum is responsible for the production of an oily substance and also carries dead cells from follicles to skin surface. When such follicles are blocked, it results in Pimples.

The sebum, hair and skin cells form something called plug, which when infected with bacteria gives rise to pimples. If the topmost layer of the plug is white, then it is termed as whitehead and if it is dark, then it is called as a blackhead.

Some pimples are clearly visible on skin surface with a red base and puss in the top layers, these are called wet acne or pustules.

Dry acne contains no pus. Cysts are those visible on skin surface, are painful, and filled with pus. These usually cause scars on the skin.

Tejas International Health Care boasts of experts with a fair knowledge of skin problems, who analyse and evaluate the exact ailment that is causing Acne and the treatment, is therefore prescribed based on the root cause and your skin type.

Once we provide the treatment for you, a combination of peels and advanced technology, you should take proper care of your skin so that problem doesn’t recur again, by keeping the skin clean and dry, eating nutritious food, fruits and juices to maintain right balance of nutrients required for your skin.

The treatment is completely painless, cost-effective and result oriented. The number of sessions depends on the intensity and type of acne.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person